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What’s taking the Chinese investments so long? Understanding the Philippine – China relations

Quezon City, Philippines –  Since President Duterte’s considerable policy shift to China, it brought forward a developing discussion on the Philippine-China relationship. The University of the Philippines, Diliman’s PALS-NCPAG held a forum on the role of China in the current administration’s Build, Build, Build program last October 18. As an invited speaker, Dr. Garcia posits that China’s investment in the Build, Build, Build program is brought by their defensive realist approach.

Being defensive realists, China finds comfort in offering means of cooperation regardless of the cost for security. Which is why their investment in the Philippines is simply an application of their credibility in their commitment towards cooperation. However, the Philippines has yet to receive the said Chinese investments due to the massive institutional and leadership changes happening in the country. Garcia adds that these political risks are factors that make it riskier for businesses to invest and operate.



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