Quezon City, Philippines – Success in the market requires the ability of companies and businesses to mitigate or benefit from any foreseen political risks, which businesses are affected by.  Unfortunately, many have a limited understanding to how politics actively plays a part which leaves businesses to simply respond to these political risks. Raising risk awareness and importance was one of the highlights in the Learning Session of Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry Quezon City (PCCI-QC) last September 28. PCCI-QC invited Dr. Robin Garcia as a keynote speaker.

He presented that most of the challenges that any business may face are in fact, political risks and these can be managed. In addition, he stated that while some businesses have some activities that are related to political awareness, solely relying on collected data and facts together is insufficient without the proper skill of analysis and competency to predict possible outcomes. Given this, businesses fail to see the bigger picture or have a holistic view of facts.

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