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A War between China and the Philippines over territorial disputes – not likely.

Issues about the West Philippine Sea, and other territories that China is claiming from the Philippines has come up more during the past six years. With the president consistently mentions a possible altercation with China where the Philippines will lose, political experts and analysts believe that the country’s territorial disputes with China can be resolved amicably.

GMA News journalist Julia Mari Ornedo interviewed Prof. Robin Michael Garcia last October 8, 2019 to talk about this issue.

During a forum in Quezon City, Robin Michael Garcia said China’s behavior in territorial conflicts is indicative of how it really thinks.

“Territorial disputes, not just international trade, really give us a good material to study as a specimen over how a country really thinks because territorial disputes lie at the heart of a country because it talks about sovereignty,” he said.

Citing a 2008 study by international relations expert Taylor Fravel, Garcia said China has compromised and offered concessions in 17 out of 23 unique territorial conflicts between 1949 and 2005.

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