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(Signing Ceremony held at The University of Asia and the Pacific School of Law and Governance (SLG). Seated from L to R: Dr. Nicomedes B. Alviar, dean of SLG; Dr. Robin Michael Garcia, President and CEO of Warwick & Roger. Standing from L to R: Ms. Katrina Gonzalez, Co-founder of W&R; Mr. Luis Arcangel, Chairman of W&R partner firm Montgomery Fitch + Associates; Dr. Abigail de Leon, Assistant Professor of SLG)

Pasig City, Philippines – W&R’s Dr. Robin Garcia together with Ms. Katrina Gonzales and Mr. Luis Arcangel formalized the UA&P School of Law and Governance partnership through the Memorandum of Agreement signing ceremony last December 11, 2018. The partnership provisions include internship opportunities for outstanding students of the institution as well as an exploration of other forms of cooperation in the industry.

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