WR Advisory Group complements its cutting-edge big data and automation technology with a team of highly skilled political scientist, esteemed researchers, and integrated communications professionals.

WR Advisory Group

Dr. Robin Michael Garcia

President & CEO

Cindy Burdette

Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. Gary Ador Dionisio

Senior Advisor

Charmaine Capili

Senior Advisory

WR Advisory Group

Leo Lope Lofranco

VP for Data Analytics

Maria Monica Esquivel

Director for Strategic Communications

Jasmin Evangelista

Head of Administration

WR Numero Research

Prof. Cleve Arguelles

President & CEO

Dr. Ador Torneo

Senior Fellow and Head of Methodology

Joshua Angelo Bata

Fellow and Head of Research

Dr. Veronica Gregoria

Fellow and Senior Methodologist

WR Numero Research

Prof. Mariel S. Quiogue

Research Manager

Prof. Aaron A. Mallar

Research Manager

Cid Ryan P. Manalo

Research Manager

Paula Hamoy

Junior Analyst