We combine an unparalleled understanding of social and political reality with proprietary technology and innovative methods. Our clients make the right decisions with expert analysis and actionable, relevant, timely, and accurate data.

WR Advisory Group harnesses the power of data through its subsidiary,

Leveraging their proficiency in public policy research, polling, and survey methodologies—WR Numero fuels the strategic and communication arms of WR Advisory Group with essential data that yield insight-driven and effective strategies.

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We advise our clients on how to enter a market amidst regulatory challenges, how to succeed in a volatile sociopolitical landscape, and how to dominate in a competitive electoral contest.

  • Investment Advisory and Market Entry
  • Government Relations and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Political Campaigns


We help our clients thrive amid complexities through combined decades of experience in running political campaigns and building corporate reputations among public sector stakeholders.

  • Public Policy (Stakeholder and Government Relations)
  • Political Communications and Digital Campaigns
  • Public Relations and Reputation Management