About WR Advisory Group

WR Advisory Group is trusted and preferred by top organizations from the public and private sectors. The firm has worked with, and advised, electoral aspirants as well as private, government, and international organizations.

Our Mission

WR Advisory Group is a public affairs firm that help leaders and organizations succeed amidst sociopolitical uncertainties and challenges through integrated, expert, and data-driven strategy and communications consulting.

As a public affairs firm, WR Advisory Group provides a sophisticated understanding of, and able intervention in society and politics.

Our Vision

WR Advisory Group is envisioned to be the leading, most influential, authoritative, and impactful advisory firm in the Philippines that specializes in an understanding and intervention in society and politics through advanced and innovative analysis, methods, data, and technology.


Warwick & Roger (W&R) was founded in November. The vision was simple: to provide more advanced political advise to corporations through risk analysis.

Several clients became its first few clients in the corporate sector: Recon-X Energy, Rio Tinto, Standard Chartered


WR started to offer big International partnerships and spent time in public engagement: WR in Thailand, Australia, Myanmar, Mongolia. We provided talks attended business forums.

We quickly expanded to sentiment analysis and media intelligence, and other political campaign services for nat’l candidates.

Business development for the midterm elections.


WR began face-to-face survey practice. Breakoff towards end of the year.

Successfully completed the 2019 elections with media intelligence, sentiment analysis services, digital communications, coalition building, surveys.

Began new retainer clients for analytics and digital communication.

Media recognition for individual expertise.


Vigorous client servicing for retainer clients in analytics and communications.

Continued work for political intelligence and risk work.

Significantly strengthened the digital communications practice.

Formally established WR Numero Research from Strat Numerar. Offered mainly digital. Stepped in as new President and CEO with  several partners Significant media presence for WR Numero Research.


WR and WR Numero Research.

WR Numero releases many highly publicized work including the Social Media Influence Report, and research work.

WR becomes known for its Quick Sentiment Scans (QSS).

Continued corporate and think tank work (digitalizing the Philippines).

Began presidential advisory work on retainer for Isko Moreno who was then frontrunner.


WR as a group successfully concludes the presidential elections doing digital political campaigns, data analytics, and weekly polling.

Continued continue retainer work in politics.

Became an authority in political analysis and increased media respect.

Big changes in leadership, corporate structure, and ownership.

Meaning-making, and introspection.


Consolidation. Officially became WR Advisory group to formalize work in data, strategy, communications.

Continued retainer work in digital communications, expanded to development research.

Huge personnel changes: new team at WRN. A decision to expand Manila team for communications.

WRN had significant in- roads in the social sector.